Professional Background


I have worked in the communications industry for more than two decades, for both Unisys and British Telecom. While at Unisys, I was one of a half-dozen people who founded the Network Applications Platform (NAP), which now enjoys a worldwide deployed base that excess 3 billion US dollars. NAP is the world’s largest messaging platform and provides voicemail and other value added services to the likes of SBC, Orange, BT, and others.

I served in numerous positions, including Senior Deal Architect, Director of Applications Program Management, Architect Director, Vice President of Business Development, and others, working with international client bases in pre-sales, requirements definition, strategy, and architectural direction. I have also been responsible for formulating and presenting responses to multi-million dollar client proposals. I am also a published author.

From this diversity, I am comfortable across numerous disciplines, spanning architecture, solution and program management, marketing communications, legal, and others. 

I have been involved in numerous technical writing assignments, large and small, formal and informal, and owe much to Dr. Timothy Miller and Toni Stauffer, professors at Millersville University, for motivating, assisting, and guiding me.

I met Toni and Timothy while at Millersville University, where I graduated with a BS in Computer Science and am several credits short of a BS in Business Administration.

I have written numerous white papers, responses to request for proposals (RFP), test plans, and requirements documents. I have also designed, produced, and delivered numerous presentations to large and small international audiences. In addition, I have written, edited, and published articles in the telecommunications space, including:

   - Authored Unisys & Convergence, 2002

   - Authored Advanced Messaging Provides Growing List of Technology Choices, cover story,

     published in Wireless Systems Design Magazine, March, 1997

   - Authored Universal Messaging, Taming the Multimedia Frontier, cover story, published in

     Unisphere Magazine, April, 1997

   - Authored multiple press releases

Further, I have attended “Writing For The Computer Industry” at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

As you will find if you browse the Projects and Other Interests pages that I also have interest and experience in other areas, including:

   - Linux and architecting computing environments to record and stream TV, movies, music, both on a off


   - Micro-computer based component design, using Basic Stamp

   - Automotive restoration & customization

   - Design and fabrication of custom turbo, intercooler, and snorkel for Toyota Land Cruiser, BJ42

   - Plasma CNC and related metal fabrication and artistic creation

My resume is available upon request.

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