BJ42 (FJ40, FJ45) LandCruiser
Turbo, Intercooler, Snorkel, & Air Cleaner


The pictures below highlight some of the steps taken when in fabricating the turbo, intercooler, and snorkel for my Land Cruiser. This job is unfinished at this time, but with any luck I hope to complete it in the next few months. 

You will see pics below of a mock-up intercooler, built out of wood, that in the end I did not fabricate. I drew many intercoolers by hand on paper, another dozen revisions in detail on the computer, and have nearly finalized the one you see near the bottom. This is the first time I have TIG welded aluminum, so room for improvement there, but I am very happy with the state is things.  Aluminum has been different and interesting to work with; I also annealed the aluminum to ease the forming when making the bends in the end-tank plates.  You will notice that my end-tank design attempt to produce the best possible air flow, as from research, not my own, it has been observed that poor end-tank design can diminish overall efficiency by 8% per tank.

In addition to designing and plasma CNCing my own parts (see end-tank cutouts below), my CAD output is also directly usable by a laser cutter close by for very refined work, such as the stainless exhaust flanges below.