BJ42 Restoration


BJ42 Restoration Links

  1. BJ42 Electrical Upgrades, include Pre-heat glow plug timer redesign, glowplug relays go solid-state, no more 12v neutral headlight, 24v to 12v Inverter added

  2. BJ42 Snorkel, Turbo & Intercooler

  3. BJ42 Specifications & Owner’s Manual

  4. BJ42/H55F Gearing Spreadsheet

Other Useful Links

  1. PerfectSwitch Solid State Relays

  2. IH8MUD - a great Land Cruiser resource

Time has finally come for a frame off restoration of my BJ42. As time allows, I will update this page with the project details and photos. Compared to some, this should be a fairly straight-forward restoration as I don’t plan to make any significant system modification that have not already been made. See the links to the left for a list of those modifications, including snorkel, turbo, intercooler, pre-heat glow plug replacement, and various electrical upgrades.

The primary objective of this restoration is to remove and repair, even redesign areas of the truck that have fallen pray to the savage rust typical of these trucks, at least in the colder climates where salt us used on the roads in the winter. Basically, I plan to rebuild/redesign the tub in stainless steel, sandblast and paint the frame with the best, longest lasting metal protectors that I can find, hopefully giving the truck another 30 years or so of life.

More to come soon.