Red Canyon Design

Red Canyon Design is an outgrowth of interest in design, metal work, electronics, computer automation, and other disciplines, combined with a desire to achieve a higher degree of self-reliance in making, fixing, and embellishing my environment and the things in it.

To that end, I have made numerous things, including custom furniture, weathervanes, kitchen islands, welcome signs, key hangers, clocks, automotive restorations, and other unique, memorable, and useful creations and services.

There are numerous examples below and throughout this site, but for additional information, photos, details, or to purchase, please refer to or send me an email.

Several of the restorations and related work have been posted under the Projects tab as well. In additional to the restorations, there are several projects that might be of interest to those with Land Cruisers:

   - BJ42 Pre-Heat Glow Plug Timer replaced using

     Basic Stamp micro-controller.

   - BJ42 Custom Turbo and Intercooler: I have

     posted photos, design, and limited

     documentation at the above link.

     If you are interested in additional

     information, drop me an email.