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  1. BJ42 Restoration

  2. BJ42 Electrical Upgrades, include Pre-heat glow plug timer redesign, glowplug relays go solid-state, no more 12v neutral headlight, 24v to 12v Inverter added

  3. BJ42 Snorkel, Turbo & Intercooler

  4. BJ42 Specifications & Owner’s Manual

  5. BJ42/H55F Gearing Spreadsheet

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  1. PerfectSwitch Solid State Relays

  2. IH8MUD - a great Land Cruiser resource

As the amount of information from my various BJ42 projects has grown, and because I have been asked for various specifications regarding the BJ42, I have decided to move all of the BJ42 information under this page, providing a more complete and organized view.

This truck has been an enjoyable and reliable machine. It has a Toyota 3B diesel engine, the H55F overdrive transmission, the heavier gear-driven transfer case, upgraded, and somewhat heavier springs than previous years, and so.  Realizing that nothing is perfect, this truck comes about as close as you get for me: it has a great functional mix of capabilities, can be fairly easily worked on, gets great mileage for being a brick, is very durable, and I enjoy the look of the triuck. And at least for now, I don’t really mind some of the shortcomings, such as having a bit of a bumpy ride and being a bit sluggish - at least as fitted from the factory.

Since owning this truck, I have only performed regular maintenance to keep it running, and the truck has been extremely reliable and consistently gets 22 - 23 mpg. That all changed when my pre-heat glow plug timer went south on me. There  are several options to correcting this including a simple push button approach, but I opted to re-engineer the pre-heat timer and glow plug heating system using a Basic Stamp II (I also wanted a backup so have also designed a push button into the circuit in case anything every goes wrong with the BSII or any of the related components.)  Go to the BJ42 Electrical Upgrades page for additional information.

As of the Spring of 2010, I have finally started a frame off restoration of the BJ and will keep you up to date, as time allows at the BJ42 Restoration page.