Latest Updates:

  1.   - September 4, 2012: Updates for Ben’s Summery Homework

  2.   - October 22 and 30, 2011: Additional Norchester Knight Photos

  3.   - October 15, 2011: Additional Norchester Knight Photos from the October 15 game

  4.   - October 15, 2011: Madi’s friends getting ready for the Homecoming dance.

  5.   - October 2011: Posted photos of Ben’s Football team, the Norchester Red Nights.

  6.   - May 2011: Madi and her Chorus Sing the Star Spangled Banner at the Phillies game.

  7.   - Feb 2011: Gabrielle & Peter Fürtsch from Saxonia Germany

  8.   - March 2010: Home Computing Infrastructure & Network

    - March 2010: Arizona Road Trip

    - October 2009: Coventry Soccer

    - September 2009: Mom & Dad’s Anniversary Movie and Photos.

Here is an overview of each of the primary areas on the site:

  1. -Family: Pretty obvious, but various movies, photos, events, point of interest in our travels, etc.

  2. -Projects: This area highlights those projects that might be of benefit to others, or have had others involved, so servers as a shared site for projects that I have done with friends and family, and includes restorations, various automotive upgrades, including turbo charging and inter-cooling a BJ42/FJ40, replacing the pre-heat glow plug timer in a BJ42, building a snorkel for a BJ40, various restorations, concepts on an extended cab FJ45 Land Cruiser, etc.

  3. -Photography: This page is a place to share a very small sample of some of the places and photos that have meaning to me across the years, ranging from Moab Utah, Tokyo Japan, the 100th anniversary of the Tour De France, the US Embassy in Canada, 5 days after 911, a view of the Golden Gate bridge from a little area up in the Oakland hills where I would drive my Land Cruiser and have small cookout, various outdoor shots taken while hiking, climbing, or biking from some of my favorite places, and so on.

  4. -Red Canyon Design: Red Canyon Design is an outgrowth of interest in design, metal work, electronics, computer automation, and other disciplines, combined with a desire to achieve a higher degree of self-reliance in making, fixing, and embellishing my environment and the things in it. It will also take you to another site where you might even find some interesting items to buy!

  5. -Other Interests: Serves as a holding ground for things that don’t fit into the above categories, such as Bio-Diesel, Lander WY, Frank Fiascki, Linux and IT around the house, Mt Washington, etc.

  6. -About Me: As you might expect this area provides a bit additional background information about me.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

A Smattering of Fun Stuff


Welcome to

This site is a place to capture and share bits of life, both of my immediate family and now the extended family and friends.

Gabrielle & Peter Fürtsch from Saxonia Germany found us through searching the Internet and locating us here at As you see, their family picture is to the right, with

additional photos on the Gabrielle & Peter

Fürtsch page.

The photo below is a family-and-friends

shot taken at mom & dad’s 50th

anniversary party. Great seeing everyone

and thanks for making the time to join us.

A great time was had by all.

Madi & Brandon’s Prom

May 12, 2012

Homecoming 2011

October 15, 2011

Norchester Knights

October 2011

Star Spangled Banner

At the Phillies May 2011

Arizona Road Trip

March 2010

Anniversary Movie

September 2009

BJ42 Turbo, Intercooler

Glowplug timer, Snorkel

Coventry Soccer

2009 & 2010


Multiple Years

Home Computing Infrastructure & Network

Nan’s Photo Movie

June 2008

Hi-Bid Horse Show

June 2009

Outdoor Activities

1990 -  Present